Who is MAC?

I get this question a lot when I solicit donations to the Make a Change Foundation (MAC). People want to know what our organization is about and who the people are behind it. I have my well-rehearsed speech where I talk about how the idea for the foundation was built out of the generosity of my world war II veteran Grandfather and his desire to help his community. I talk about the how we are a 100% volunteer run 501c3 nonprofit in which every dollar raised goes towards the families we support and the very small overhead required to run our organization. Finally, I talk about the strong partnerships with local businesses and even large enterprises which allows us to make a significant impact in the lives of hundreds of people a year. This elevator pitch gives the essence of our organization but doesn't begin to talk about the people who make it happen. It doesn’t tell you about to the hundreds of hours our volunteers spend building our network of donors and finding organizations and causes in which we can make the most impact. It doesn’t explain the time and effort spent looking for the best deals on products and services we buy to convert your donations into gifts and necessities for those in need. The team spends countless hours making sure every dollar goes as far as possible. Finally, it doesn’t begin to recognize the unwavering commitment of our volunteers and partners who strive to make sure no need goes unfulfilled.

The MAC Foundation has a life of its own. None of us knew when we created it almost 5 years ago that we would have the ability to raise tens of thousands of dollars for children and families in the direst of situations. We could not have anticipated purchasing hundreds of bicycles and thousands of toys for children who might otherwise receive a gift for the holidays. I personally could not have foreseen meeting Todd McNeal, Alice Casson, Jorge Galindo, and the rest of the Hand in Hand organization . These are the most selfless individuals I have ever met and people who have unknowingly helped shape our organization. We never would have guessed how many strangers would feel compelled to donate to us each year.

As with every year we set goals we know are hard to achieve. This isn’t at my direction. Our financial goals are driven by the needs of the community and these needs are never ending. Our goal is simply to “Make a Change” and our generous donors are the ones who make sure we always succeed. This year we are behind in meeting our $10,000 joint target with our partners at iSoftStone and we need your help. Please consider donating today so that we can provide one “need” item (shoes, coats, etc.) and one “want” item (Toys, books, etc.) for Snohomish County kids who need our help.

Thank you,

Michael Mallahan




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